Building Domes with Bamboo

2-frequency bamboo dome

A simple 2-frequency bamboo dome was made utilizing a poly-pipe hub. The poly-pipe hub can create a universal joint.


The Poly hub - universal joint:

This hub is made with black poly irrigation hose, double-sided carpet tape, cable-ties through holes in hose and bamboo, cinching the poly to the variable diameters of the bamboo, strapped together around a slice of PVC pipe.


Trussed bamboo model

Trussed domes have 6, 10, or 12 struts coming together at each vertex, with a wide range of angles. The poly hub is ideal for this complex dome structure.

The trussed frame seems to provide a lot of strength, because of its depth, with a forgiving “fudge factor”.

People caught inside ½” garden stake bamboo truss model.


3-piece octahedron hub

To the right is a 3-piece octahedron hub for making a bamboo octet truss using the black poly-pipe cinch method.




(a variation of this 3-piece hub can be seen at “about Megadome” on this site. Above is the same 3-piece octahedron hub made with a stronger poly material, permitting a more condensed hub.