Make your own polyhedra:

Megadome is pleased to announce a new modeling system consisting of equal-edge triangles, squares, pentagons, and hexagons that can attach with paper clips, as shown in this drawing of a vector-equilibrium.

The paper-clip connector allows the different shapes to be joined together, to make endless sculptural shapes.


The triangle and square, are available presently:

The variety of shapes that can be made from the traingle and square is surprising.


New shapes keep emerging, including the dodeca, which can be made either with just triangles or squares folded along the diagonal.


The basic shapes that can be made with just triangle and square are:




Different shapes can be joined together, with paper clips  to make endless sculptural shapes

Also, cubic and octet architectural arrangements, as well as combinations of the two., can be modeled


Depending on interest, the more complicated pent and hex shapes will be available in the near future:

The cost for traingles and squares, $.20 each , minimum 50 pieces.  Beyond 100 pieces, $.15 each


The paper clips are size #1, available at any office supply store, or I can provide them for $1.50 per hundred.  If you want the easy-removal feature, you have to bend them yourself.


Please include $8.95 for handling and shipping of first 50 pieces. After that, add $1.00 for each additional 50 pieces, or part thereof. These are US prices only. For foreign countries, please inquire.


For inquiries, send an email to: Megadome