Fun with Meganets

These soft magnetic shapes: triangles, diamonds, squares, each with a round punch-out hole that can be mixed and matched give endless hours of fun, making designs on any magnetic surface. A metalic can lid makes a good surface for traveling, magnetic boards for sitting in your favorite chair, refrigerators are fun for kids and wait until you experience decorating your car with these colorful shapes. WOW!

Everyone stares at our car as we drive down the road. At the ferry booth, the woman reached out to play with the shapes.





Spaces between the magnetic shapes become part of the art in this Robot Man.

At the children's corner at our art festival, children invent a new game with the shapes.



Join the fun.


Come play with us!

Children playing with shapes on a magnetic board, creating robots, coloring spaces between shapes, using magnets that came with the board for eyes.



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